Four Flags Chicago, July 2020

Four Flags Belgium, July 2020 

Nike Be True Campaign 

-Evil twin 

I think I see my evil twin 

lil demon ,

a couple tens 

I show you mean.


Pumping iron and bone 

hit some gas , it 84

hit my knees 

get scars for me ,

lie a lot . 

I’ve seen that side 

I’ve met four people

cut to two 

two AM , unknown in a city I know 


I’m away at resort.

Got hallelujah on the line 

well , voicemail will do 

well , yes I miss things 

want things, need myself

though, I never knew you. 

I would love you 

taking me over


In a very changing life,

I see a face with shifting sky 

are you alone or in love 

I’ve told you we’ve died.

I would’ve said we strangers 

if you’d put the blue on 

could be a feeling 

just jumping out the hopper.

Just running , it easy 

it was cool , by me ,

though both us cold 

in a lofty 7th floor 

slow as i go , make choices ,

sin forever and ever 

with veins , twins.


As i ponder the sol,

like burn on your chest,

my slide in complication,

the lust of the forbidden

one Angel singing soprano


correct, lonely due.

I gesture a chest ,

I play it safe ,

seen backs with four eyes 

seen a scream before fire 

seen my life for your joy

making time , least I’m trying 

you , a fear , room water ,

this could just be our dull moment.

Regular regular 

all about my posture 

us, the passions

memory lane,

I was so ;

are you dancing in the moonlight

communicating for a high

move through bodies,

pink balloons in the sky.

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