I know, the

silent pieces of glass 

all scattered and 

looked like me 

I know you fell in love

with my little dark eyes

dreadful eyes

my silent stare makes me a fool,

thinking I could walk 

with no rain, too 

thinking I’d never be black 

and cold.

I feel so water and flow 

you’re just, just the last fool

who believed in me

who let crazy losers 

be gentle? 

who was your last 

person, or the next 

and who's finding ways 

to go back home.

not me. again, I love every season 

every October, I say a little something

it’s over my head 

and I’ll never speak again 

again, everyone’s a ghost to me 

in every big city metaphor 

and sky tower

I’m waking on water ledges 

we jump with little fear

I’m a loser at heart

oh, I’m so used to it.

Another cloudy sky  

long plane rides are my new coasters 

scream, plea, what next

come to find it was always just me,

it's a new little black viper

it's us, resting in my first father's leather

creating chaos and sun power

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