About the party

From its birth, Angel's Lane was created out of a desire for connection, something personal and sincere, after long weeks of being out-and-about -restless, but also drained, from the high social atmosphere of summertime Chicago. 

We wanted to bring together our friends to do something that didn't really feel novel - throw a party, don't involve any big "org" or "corp" to head it. I and my creative community secured the permits, talked with local artists and vendors, organized the nighttime light show, and brought our neighbors together for a first-time event in Bucktown.

It was a labor of love and intuition that I am excited to head again in 2024. Angel's Lane was a proof of concept gone right - and we learned that love and community can be the driver of innovative experiences - right in our backyard, in our streets. 

Thank you to The Charleston Bar, Partiful, TwelveThirty Entertainment, Elevator Music, and Us on the Bus. 

All photos and content, party creation by Kendall Hill & Dollhouse Studios. 

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