Kendall Hill is an African American photographer, writer, and events curator from Chicago, IL. 

His work focuses on youth, intimacy, and the moments between the present and the next. As a photographer, Hill is vigilant, patient, and inquisitive. In his event curation, he is dynamic and candid. 

Hill has worked across the visual spectrum. Often complimenting his photography and writing with short-form video, or using collages to tell many stories in one. 

He has been featured in a slew of prominent Chicago & International exhibitions, collections, publications, and residencies since his appearance on the Chicago arts scene in 2017 - having his first show with prominent Chicago painter, Andrew Harlan, at Congruent Space Gallery. 

Hill is the current Programs Coordinator for the Chicago Public Schools Department of Arts Education unit. In charge of programming and facilitating large-scale art events for all 350,000 CPS students in the district. Since he took on the position in 2022, Hill has created an arts festival exclusively for CPS students, RE•VER•BER•ATE, which saw over 5,000 students participate in 2023. Hill has ambitious goals for expanding the visual arts exhibitions CPS hosts and frequently collaborates with SAIC, The Design Museum, and DCASE Chicago to make our arts experiences exciting for the youth. 

He is also an active member of the Chicago DIY Scene, frequently hosting community events, DJ shows, block parties, and more with his friends and collaborators. 

For 2024, Kendall has set the stage to release his first ever book and most ambitious project yet, FEVERDREAMS. The book focuses on the mystical city of Acoma, a town where all bodies of water found within its radius can fog your mind when you step in the water, and allow you to travel back and forth in your memories while you are in it. The book chronicles Hill's memories - and the last decade of his photography and creative writing- all centered around a story of friendship, evolution, and dreams.  The book is set to release in the summer of 2024.

Selected Exhibitions 

HORIZON LINE - Jude Gallery, Summer 2023 

NUBES Art Fest - Heaven Gallery Chicago, June 2022

90th Exhibition of Visual Artist Members - The Arts Club of Chicago, February 2022

The Other Art Fair Global : Virtual Editions, March 2021

Artists Run Chicago 2.0 - Hyde Park Arts Center, Aug. 2020

Four Flags Belgium - Netwerk Aalst, Kunsthal, Be-Part, AAIR, CC Strombek, KIOSK, La Loge, CIAP, July 2020

Four Flags Chicago - Chicago Manual Style, July 2020

Re: Working Labor - SAIC Sullivan Gallery, Sept. 2019

BFA Showcase - Krannert Art Museum, May 2019

Dog Eats Dog (Solo show) - Champaign, April 2018

New Directions - Congruent Space Chicago, Aug. 2017


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