Forms of care 

Fall 2022

I’m little, and I know so little about me
my long drives and straight lines, and turns,
you shove my wrist
push my arms and pray for floated doors
my hand’s warm, use me
that’s what I’m here for.
what I’m fearful of
I had two visions,
and you need to reassure me
rescue me from this twilight
this lost life and breadcrumbs
this little reminder of being young
sometimes, sex so good
I don’t eat for days
I don’t see for days, weeks fly by
I’m just so in love
so in forms and in line, form.

I’m running back to the ghetto
I know it sucks, I just feel saved again 
you say love and hold me
I just hate sin
It’s all too much so I say 
show me
show me, show me
show me show me show me
and control. show me

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